photo by Nikki Rodriguez

Hi, I’m Sheila! I’m a catalyst, healer, counselor, scholar, social worker, dancer, elder and all in a human body. What that means, for me, is that I practice/use the things I teach and offer in my practice.  

I believe healing happens in relationships and within the extraordinary container of counseling, we are able to learn, explore, heal, practice who and how we want to be, and create new ways of being that naturally have effects on our whole lives.  

My work is rooted in my own lived experience of trauma, disability, chronic pain, growing up poor, and being “different.”  It is trauma-informed, anti-racist, queer/ACE/trans affirming, fat/body positive, embraces the full spectrum of lived economic experience, bodies, neurotypes, and abilities and is based in wonder/awe/spiritual exploration. 

My gifts are deep listening, empathy, compassion, unconditional positive regard, grace and bringing you back again and again to your life’s purpose while developing specific skills to address the daily problems of living with your specific challenges and the greater challenges of this time.  I am called to do this work at this time in our human history to support your healing and the healing of the world.  

Everyone is needed, here, now.  I celebrate and honor the full spectrum of human experience and expression. None of us are separate from our context and histories. I practice on land that was stolen from the Indigenous peoples, especially the Multhnomah, Cowlitz, and Clackamas peoples and wealth built on the bodies and souls of black and brown enslavement as well as immigrants from many lands. With this knowledge and humility, I work to dismantle systems of superiority and dominance both in personal, community and financial practices.

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